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Assessing and Annotating Video Submissions

Play Instructional Video

To assess and annotate video submissions, follow these directions:

  1. Open the video artifact you wish to grade and annotate.
  2. The video plays automatically. You can use the controls at the bottom of the player to pause, fast forward, rewind, adjust volume, or toggle full screen. Controls appear when you move your mouse over the bottom of the video player. 

    player controls
  3. You can make Comments, Notes, and Highlights in the video.

  Comment, Note and Highlight tools

  1. When you create an annotation, it appears in the section under which you clicked the icon. If your comment refers to a particular criterion in the rubric, you can create the annotation within that criterion field. If it is a general comment, you can create annotations that will be displayed underneath the Summary Comments box. Annotations have the following settings: 

Start and end, jump to this, text color, background color, delete

Comments, Notes, and Highlights are displayed for the duration that you select when you create the note. The start time is automatically set to the video playback time when you create the annotation. You can adjust this as you like.

The Jump to this button will cause the video to move to the start time for this annotation. 

You can change the text color of all of annotation types. You can change the background color of Comments and Notes, and you can change the color of the outline box on Highlights

You can delete an annotation using the trash can icon.

Comments and Highlights show within the video pane, and Notes appear below the video. 

Comments, Notes, and Highlights and how they appear

  1. Select the corresponding performance ratings in the rubric.
  2. Click Calculate scores to have ePortfolio automatically tally your performance ratings from the rubric.
  3. If you wish, add a grade. If you have chosen to link your ePortfolio activies with the TRACS assignments tool and gradebook, you have the option of using the grade field from ePortfolio.  Otherwise, this is an optional field and you can leave it blank.
  4. When you're finished, click Save Draft to save your work but not submit - students will be able to view the work you have saved.  Click Submit to submit your assessment, or click Cancel to discard your changes.