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Course Evaluation Information for Faculty


Online Course Evaluations General Overview

If your department has elected to send course evaluations online, they will be sent through the ePortfolio system. Departments may choose the option of having the system send students an email with a direct link to the evaluation. However, students will be able to access their online course evaluations by logging in to ePortfolio even without the email.

The online course evaluations are an electronic version of the paper evaluation forms that your department was already using with question types such as multiple choice, Likert scale, or short answer. Student responses are always anonymous. The start and end dates for online course evaluations are determined by your department. A course evaluation may not be completed after the due date has passed.

Faculty and staff will be able to generate reports in ePortfolio with their course evaluation results after grades have been posted to student transcripts for the current semester.


Frequently Asked Questions

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