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Online Course Evaluation Reports

Course evaluations administered through ePortfolio are anonymous and responses cannot be traced back to individual students. 

The course evaluation reports for faculty for the current semester will only be available before course evaluations for the current semester have begun and after final grades for the current semester have been posted to student transcripts.

If you need a copy of your evaluation results for previous semesters while course evaluations are in progress, you are able to generate these by following the instructions below.

Per PPS 4.01, student evaluations remain anonymous.  We have been instructed by the Provost Office not to release the names of students submitting class evaluations.


Generating the TX State Course Evaluation Report For Instructors

Note: Reports generate on a new tab. Be sure you do not have a Pop-Up blocker enabled on your browser when generating reports in ePortfolio. You can also grant ePortfolio an exception if you do have a Pop-Up blocker enabled.

  1. Log into ePortfolio
  2. Make sure your role is “Faculty” by clicking your name in the top right Utility Bar, if applicable.
  3. Click [Reports] or [Course Evaluations] in the left Tools menu.
  4. Click the link for TX State Course Evaluation Report for Instructors. This report will take a few minutes to load.
  5. There are three parameters to choose from:
    1. Term
      • Select the appropriate term
    2. Course Evaluation Title
      • Select the appropriate course evaluation title – this will have a semester and a department name, e.g., “Spring 2016 Course Evaluation (Sociology).”
      • The selected term and the term listed in the Course Evaluation Title should match.
    3. Course
      • You can select a single course, if desired, or you can select “Ignore” in the dropdown menu to the right of this parameter to include all courses found in the corresponding course evaluation.
  6. Click [Generate]. In order for the report to generate successfully, your internet browser must allow pop-ups on this page. 

Once the report finishes loading, you can export the page or select a “print” view by using the [Export] and [Print] buttons in the top right corner of the report.