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Course Evaluations Overview for Dept. Administrators

Online Course Evaluations in ePortfolio

The ePortfolio system can be utilized for sending course evaluations electronically to students. With approval from the Department Chair, departmental course evaluations may be sent and completed online through ePortfolio.

These online course evaluations are an electronic version of the paper evaluation forms/questionnaires that your department has already been using with question types such as multiple choice, Likert scale, or short answer. Student responses are always anonymous.

Sending course evaluations online through ePortfolio will reduce the department’s administrative workflow and paper usage significantly. The ePortfolio system is capable of producing reports on course evaluation results for administrative use. Faculty and staff are also able to access their own course evaluation results in ePortfolio.

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Click the [Play Video] button above to watch an overview of how a student completes an online course evaluation in ePortfolio and view examples of the options available to departments.

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