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Selection Committee

The selection committee for the ePortfolio project was made up of individuals from across the Texas State campus. Participants represent a variety of groups and departments. 

In early 2009, the selection committee met to define scenarios and use cases related to portfolios in higher education. Committee members also identified basic workflows for various use cases or scenarios. Eight general areas emerged in which portfolios could be used to address academic, assessment, and institutional needs.

These areas are the Personalized Academic and Career Exploration program (PACE), academic program admissions, program assessment and accreditation, institutional assessment and accreditation, career and presentation portfolios, evaluation of student work, student advisement and group portfolios. 

Selection Committee Members   

    Ron Brown - University College
    James Buratti - Instructional Technologies Support 
    Mary Cauble - Instructional Technologies Support 
    Susan Day - Department of Sociology 
    Michael Farris - Instructional Technologies Support
    Jennifer Grant - College of Liberal Arts
    Gwendolyn Hustvedt - Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
    Ann Jensen - Instructional Technologies Support
    Salwa Khan - Instructional Technologies Support
    John McGee - McCoy College of Business Administration
    Sean McMains - Instructional Technologies Support
    Todd Peters - Alkek Library
    Emin Saglamer - Instructional Technologies Support
    Barbara Sanders - Department of Physical Therapy
    Curt Schafer - Career Services
    Nico Schuler - School of Music
    Whitten Smart - Instructional Technologies Support
    Stephen Springer -  Occupational Education Program
    Liz Stephens - Office of Educator Preparation
    Sue Stewart - Communication Studies
    Patrice Werner - Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    Beth Wuest - Academic Development and Assessment