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The Project

The current goal of the project is to deploy a campus-wide assessment and portfolio system, implement identified core components and processes, and develop and deploy a corresponding implementation plan for on-going support and service to the university community.

The project's scope:

  • To populate the deployed system with identified student, faculty, staff and other university data and define and implement the necessary workflows and processes to keep data current, relevant and secure.
  • To assure single sign-on and remote (Texas State) authentication.
  • To deploy pilots for each of nine assessment processes:
    • Work represented in a portfolio for course credit.
    • Internship or field work evaluation.
    • Academic program admission.
    • Student academic progress.
    • Student career progress.
    • Academic program assessment and accreditation.
    • Institutional assessment, reporting and accreditation.
  • To deploy a plan for each assessment process which includes procedure, policy, workflow, training and support.
  • To identify, develop and implement TRACS integration for the identified assessment processes.
  • To identify and migrate into the system existing instances of portfolios and assessments deployed by the university.
  • To develop an implementation plan for sustaining, continually improving and expanding ePortfolio service and support.