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PACE I: Focus 2 Inventories

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Focus 2 Career

Watch the video for detailed instructions on how to create your account, login, and complete the Focus 2 Career inventories, or see the sections below for written instructions.

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Log Into Focus 2

Follow these steps to log into Focus 2:

For assistance with Focus assessments, please contact Mason Murphy, PACE Center/Career Services Career Counselor, via email at


Complete Focus 2 Inventories

If you've already registered and would like to login again, click here to login.

On the Focus website:

  • Complete the "My Career Planning Readiness" and “My Academic Strengths” Inventories.
  • Complete one of the five "Self-Assessment Inventories."

Save Focus 2 results as a PDF

Follow these instructions to save your Focus 2 results as a PDF:

  1. On the Focus2 main screen click [Review and Print My Portfolio] button at the bottom of the screen:


  2. On the following screen, select the report you wish to save, then click [Build My Portfolio].
  3. Click the download icon in the top right corner:


  4. Your PDF will save to your default downloads folder.


Submit your PACE I Course Binder in ePortfolio

To submit your PACE I Course Binder in ePortfolio, follow these steps:

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  1. Log into eportfolio at or by using the link provided in your US1100 TRACS site.  You will use your Texas State NetID and password to log into the system.
  2. From the Pending Tasks area on the Home tab, click the "Please send the Course Binder PACE I - Focus 2 Inventories" link.
  3. Click the [Focus 2 Inventories] tab.
  4. Click [Select].
  5. A title for the artifact will automatically be populated for you.  If you wish to change it, click in the Title textbox and change the text.
  6. Enter the three scores from your Career Planning Status Summary into the textboxes provided.
  7. Click [Select File] in the Career Planning Status Summary area to locate the PDF file you saved from Focus 2. 
  8. Click [Select File] in the Self-assessment area to locate the second PDF file you saved from Focus 2.
  9. Enter your Reflective responses in the text boxes provided.  Each response must be 250 words or more. 

    If you would like to copy and paste your text into the boxes, click the underlined uppercase A in the top right corner of the text box to expand the [Rich Text Formatting] editing tool bar.

    The editing toolbar will contain an icon that looks like a clipboard with the letter W on it. This is the Paste from Word tool. Please use this tool when pasting text from a Word document.

    paste from word button
  10. Click [Add] at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Click [Submit] at the bottom of the screen to submit your PACE I - Focus 2 Inventories assignment.