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PACE I: Focus 2 Inventories Assignment Overview

Student Learning Objectives

1. Students assess their career readiness.
2. Students reflect on their interests, abilities, and values.

In this assignment you will be asked to reflect upon where you are in terms of career readiness.  "Career readiness" refers to your knowledge and awareness of career and educational goals, accomplishments, involvements, skills, and traits that inform your interest in pursuit of a career path.

PACE I Rubric (PDF, 27 KB)

To complete your PACE I: Focus 2 Inventories Assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and create an account.
    • The Access code is bobcats (all lower case). 
  2. Complete the “My Career Planning Readiness” and "My Academic Strengths" inventories.
    • Click Results, click the [Review and Print My Portfolio] button, Build your Portfolio, and Download the results.
  3. Complete one of the five “Self Assessment" Inventories.
    • On the Focus website, complete at least one of the five assessment inventories under the section “Self Assessment.” Download the Self Assessment (e.g. Personality Assessment) from the [Review and Print My Portfolio] button.
  4. Upload your Focus documents into ePortfolio.
    • Follow the instructions in ePortfolio to upload your Focus PDF files.
  5. Enter your Career Planning Status scores into ePortfolio in the space provided.
  6. Reflect on your career readiness, interests, abilities, and values.
    • Enter your answers to the following questions in the boxes provided in ePortfolio.
      • What did you learn about yourself and your current approach to career-related decisions as a result of the career readiness inventories? (250 words)
      • What did you learn about yourself as a result of the self-assessment inventory? (250 words)
  7. Click [Add] once the assignment is completed. Click [Submit] to submit your assignment. 
  8. For detailed instructions and videos, visit