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PACE II: Interview Assignment Overview

Student Learning Objectives

  • Students research future career scenarios by conducting an informational interview or job-shadowing with professionals in a potential field of work.
  • Students relate career requirements to their own interests, abilities, and values.

An information interview is one of the best ways to learn about a specific career and/or industry.  In essence, it is a conversation with an individual who can give you advice about an organization, a field of work, or a particular job that interests you.  Although it might seem awkward to approach someone you don't know, remember that most people are more than happy to discuss what they do and share information to help you be successful.  Please use the Career Services "Preparing to Conduct an Information Interview" Guide and the PACE Lib Guide or visit with your US1100 instructor for suggestions on how to get started.  Email interviews are not acceptable.

PACE II Rubric (PDF, 127 KB)

To complete your PACE II: Interview Assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Select and research a career that interests you.
  2. Think about what you would want to know about this career.
  3. Conduct an informational interview or job-shadowing experience. Address the following:
    • Who did you interview/shadow? Provide his or her name, job title, place of work (company/institution), location, and contact information (email, phone number, and address).
    • What is this particular career/profession like today? Include a general description, as well as any educational expectations and necessary qualifications. (250 words minimum.)
    • What will the career/profession be like in the future (in 5-10 years)? (250 words minimum.)
    • How do your interests, abilities, and values match up with the requirements of this career now? How will they match up in the future? (250 words minimum.)
    • What did you learn from the interview/job shadowing experience? (250 words minimum.)
  4. Report your findings in your ePortfolio Course Binder. Follow the Student Instructions (in green) in ePortfolio to submit your assignment.

For detailed instructions and videos, visit