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PACE III: Career Plan Overview

Student Learning Objectives

  • Students develop plans (Academic and Student Involvement) to enhance their education and career goals.
  • Students develop professional image and communication skills through the preparation of a résumé.

To complete your PACE III:Career Plan Assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Research an academic plan consistent with your desired career pathway. Identify your educational and career goals based on the findings from your self-assessments (PACE I) and your analysis of the work world (PACE II). If you are still exploring career possibilities at this point, choose what you consider to be the most viable option for the purposes of this assignment.
  2. Answer the following questions for PACE III in ePortfolio:
    1. What are your educational goals?
    2. What classes are required for the major? (They should be listed on your degree audit.) Class lists are available from the department or advising website.
    3. What are the entrance GPA and other requirements to get into major?
    4. Are there tests to enter and/or exit the major? What are these tests and where are they administered. When do you take them?
    5. What type of degree is awarded? (BS, BA, BFA….)
    6. What is the graduation GPA required?
    7. What career or job opportunities does this degree give you?  Printable material is provided by the department, academic advising office, or career services that is specific to the major.
    8. What are the available internships, student teaching, projects and other requirements available? Are they required or optional?  Description based on written or electronic materials, discussions with advisor, or conversations with faculty members.
    9. At what points will pivotal decisions need to be made?  Describe any key points where you must make decisions or alternative decisions relating to your degree program. For example, are there times where you need to be accepted into the degree program, select a minor, register for an internship, or complete student teaching?
  3. Student Involvement Plan - Select activities to plan your future involvement at Texas State. Include descriptions of organizations and activities, some of which may be related to your major. Examples may include participating in organizations associated with your major or activities in your department/college, as well as foreign study, exchange, job shadowing, internships, volunteer work, and mentoring.

    Answer the following questions in ePortfolio:

    1. Opportunities to develop valuable skills may be found both on and off campus. Which clubs, organizations and activities are available to you at Texas State which would improve your competitiveness for employment/graduate school and career success? Be as specific as you can with your responses.
    2. What types of activities and experiences outside of Texas State would help prepare you for employment after graduation and career success? Activities and experiences such as Study Aboard, Internships, Service Learning, Volunteering and Leadership should be explored to help you answer this question. Be as specific as you can with your responses.
  4. Draft a résumé. Although you will eventually need several personal career documents (e.g., a reference list and cover letter), start by creating a professional quality résumé. Templates are available online to help with résumé formatting . Include the following information in your résumé:

    Upload the résumé to your ePortfolio.

    • name
    • objective
    • education
    • relevant experience
    • leadership activities
    • honors and awards

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