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Student Teacher and Teaching Intern Checklist

Play Student Teacher Tutorial

In order to submit your Field Experience binder for Student Teaching, you must complete the following:

  • The General Acknowledgements
  • All Four Observation Acknowledgments
    • Observation 1
    • Observation 2
    • Observation 3
    • Observation 4
      • Even if you didn't complete four observations, you must create an artifact for all four by clicking Select next to the observation(s) you did not complete and selecting "Not Needed" as the Observation number. 
    • If you are completing more than four observations, follow these steps:
      1. Click Select next to "Additional Attachment:"
      2. Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate "Acknowledge Classroom Observation" artifact type.
      3. Fill out the form.
      4. Click Add.
  • Final Evaluation Acknowledgment
  • Cooperating Teacher/Mentor Evaluation
  • Student Teaching Faculty Evaluation

Once you have completed all tasks, you can submit your Field Experience binder by clicking Submit