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Submit a Video Artifact

Play Instructional Video

If your assignment includes a Video submission, follow these instructions to upload your video:

  1. Navigate to the Assignment, Course Binder, Portfolio, or Field Experience where you will upload your video.
  2. The instructions are different for Assignments and other Activity types:

    In a Course Binder or Field Experience, click the tab that indicates to upload your video.  This may vary by activity, but it should say “Video” in the title. 

    If you're submitting an Assignment, you will not need to select a tab.
  3. Click Add Video.
  4. Click Select File to locate and upload your video file.
  5. Enter a unique title in the title field.  Enter a description if you’d like. 

Note: If your file is larger than 210 MB, the system will not accept it.  Please follow this link to find instructions on how to compress your file:

The larger your file, the longer it will take to upload and process.  Please be sure you are on a stable, wired internet connection for uploading large videos.  If you need to find a computer lab, please look here for a list of open computer labs.

  1. When your video has finished processing, click Add
  2. Click Save Draft or Submit, depending on what you’d like to do.  Remember, if this is a Course Binder, Portfolio, or Field Experience assignment, you will only click Submit when you are finished with everything.