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ePortfolio can be utilized for a variety of academic purposes. Click an icon below to learn more about the services currently provided by ePortfolio to departments and offices throughout Texas State University. If you are interested in utilizing ePortfolio, read about our New Service Process and then submit a New Service Request Form and the ePortfolio team will be in contact with you.

Accreditation Tracking

Course work can be stored and completed in ePortfolio.

  • Individual assignments
  • Can utilize rubrics (assessment tool) for tracking longitudinal data
  • Can later be added to portfolios, which is useful for accreditation

Online portfolios for capturing comprehensive data and course work as well as personal, shareable portfolios that can be created and reviewed.

  • Can be utilized in capstone courses in a single semester
  • Comprehensive data can be captured over multiple semesters
  • Course binders, assignments, and artifacts can be attached
  • Follow student progress throughout a program
  • View a collection of a student’s work
  • Can be viewed through a shareable link
  • Can be utilized for accreditation purposes
  • Can be reviewed by multiple assessors at different stages
  • Anyone can create and share presentation portfolios

ePortfolio can be utilized to keep track of information such as communication logs, observations, and review of students in a variety of field experiences.

  • Useful for internships in any area, such as student teaching, clinical experience, etc.
  • Can be used for tracking of observations, feedback, time keeping, etc.
  • Flexible system configuration to meet the needs of the internship record keeping
  • Useful for accreditation purposes


Applications can be configured online in ePortfolio. Settings are versatile and can be set up to meet a variety of information capturing needs.

  • Can be used for any form of application, such as entrance to a program or information gathering for a program already in progress
  • Review within ePortfolio
  • Same application can be used repeatedly
  • Information captured is reportable

Course Evaluations

Departmental course evaluations can be configured and sent online through ePortfolio.

  • Departmental course evaluations can be completed online
  • Reportable results for individual faculty and department administrators
  • Student responses are always anonymous
  • Qualitative responses are typed by students
  • No more scantrons and #2 pencils
  • SPI questions are currently sent University-wide via ePortfolio

For more information on Course Evaluations in ePortfolio, click here.

To request a new Course Evaluation in ePortfolio, click here.


The ePortfolio system captures a vast amount of data, most of which is capable of being reported on by the system.

  • Reports can be generated for various tools within the system
  • Special reports are available for Accreditation tracking
  • University Administration (Provost’s Office, Chairs, Deans, etc.) can request certain university-wide reports
  • Individual faculty can generate own reports on courses and course evaluations
  • Department admins can generate Course Evaluation Status reports for their departments
  • New reports created often - ask if you need something in particular.